1.  What is CBD?

CBD is one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  CBD began to be extracted from industrial hemp in earnest beginning with passage of the 2014 Farm Bill that President Obama signed it into law on February 7, 2014.  CBD does not get you high but has many outstanding properties.

In 1964, Israeli scientists first identified and isolated THC and were able to describe its chemical formula.  How THC affected the brain remained unknown until 1988 when the first cannabinoid receptor CB1 was discovered by Allyn Howlett and William Devane working with a team of scientists at the St. Louis University Medical School.

Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system predominately made up of two receptors, CB1 and CB2, to which THC and CBD loosely attach.  

The human body’s endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids.  The first such cannabinoid, anandamide (a - nan- da - mide), was discovered in 1992 by the same team at St. Louis University.  Scientists discovered that some of the same cannabinoids found in cannabis are naturally produced within the human body.  “Endo” means within the human body.  Thus, the endocannabinoid system means a system of cannabinoids naturally produced within the human body.

The endocannabinoid system is part of the human body’s immune system.  CBD aids the body’s endocannabinoid system keep the body’s immune system in homeostasis -- meaning a stable equilibrium necessary for maintaining normal physiological processes.

Preliminary findings suggest CBD blocks certain nerve impulses through the nerve synapses and somehow interrupts the build up of white blood cells, the main cause of inflamation.  CBD also has anti-oxidant properties because it has the ability to attach to free radicals by pairing with unattached electrons keeping excess oxygen molecules from attaching to healthy cells and tearing them apart.*  Further clinical testing is needed before these findings can be extrapolated from studies involving mice to studies involving human beings.

The reason little is known about how CBD actually works is because for 80 years the government banned research into the good properties of cannabis.  When the St. Louis University Medical School scientists discovered how THC affects the brain and, later, when they discovered the endocannabinoid system, they were actually working under a government grant as part of its War on Drugs as the government was seeking to prove smoking marijuana lessens a person’s brain function which, ultimately, was not proven to be the case.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  PharmaXtracts CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2.  Why is my card not working?

Assuming your credit or balance is sufficient, your purchase may have been flagged as a potential fraud if you have never purchased from us before.  You need only call your bank or credit provider and tell them, yes, you want to order from PharmaXtracts.

3.  My order is missing?

Please contact your local United States Postal Service with your tracking number, and they should be able to help you locate your package.  Call or email us if you continue to have a problem in this regard.  For tracking online, go to:

4.  Will LIFE EXTRACT products cause me to test positive for marijuana?

We have sold CBD isolate products, CBD full spectrum products, CBD broad spectrum products, and CBD hemp flower, and the answer differs per product.

CBD isolate products are pure CBD (99% plus) dissolved in an oil solvent, such as our high quality multi chain triglyceride oil made from refined palm kernel and coconut oils.  All of our CBD isolate products contain an immeasurable amount of THC.

CBD full spectrum products contain CBD plus a spectrum of other cannabinoids, including THC.  The Delta-9 THC level in any of our CBD full spectrum products is at or below 0.3% by dry weight.  It will not get you high, but will test positive for THC.

CBD broad spectrum products contain CBD plus a spectrum of other cannabinoids with the exception of any measurable amount of THC.  All measurable amounts of THC, in any of its forms, is removed from any of our broad spectrum CBD products.

CBD hemp flower looks pretty much the same as marijuana buds, smells similar to marijuana buds, and can be rolled and smoked the same as marijuana.  The difference is that our CBD hemp flower is the product of the cannabis sativa L. plant being hybrid to the point where it contains no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight.  It will not get you high, but will test positive for THC.

CBD products and hemp flowers that contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight are considered federally illegal marijuana.  None of our products contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight, and so all our CBD products are fully in compliance with the Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research section of the Agricultural Act of 2014, 7 U.S.C. §5940 (2014 Farm Bill), which became effective when President Obama signed it into law on February 7, 2014.

“Industrial hemp” is been federally defined as “any part” of the cannabis sativa L. plant with a Delta-9 THC content not exceeding 0.3 percent by dry weight.  See 7 U.S.C. §5940(b)(2). Unfortunately, police testing methods have not kept up with the law.  Some drug tests performed on legal CBD products will register positive for marijuana because they are testing positive for any cannabinoid, not just Delta-9 THC.  Tests performed on people to see if they are under the influence of marijuana search for a THC metabolite, usually 11-THC-COOH, which will not be present from just taking CBD.  However, we do know of at least one drug test performed on someone who was taking CBD while on probation, and he tested positive for cannabinoids.  We believe the commonly used NIK test for marijuana, a portable field test often used by police, is coming up positive for marijuana when the test has been performed on hemp flower containing no more than 0.3% THC.  This means the continued use of the NIK test to establish probable cause that a cannabis flower is marijuana is no longer valid because it may produce a false positive.

Our advise is that if you need to take CBD and have a job that drug tests you, you speak with your employer, explain to them how CBD helps you, is legal, but may test positive on a drug test if the drug test registers positive for the presence of any cannabinoid.  Hopefully your employer will be understanding and accommodating.  Feel free to call us.  We will help you in any way we can including speaking directly with your boss.

5.  How much CBD do I need?

Everybody is different and their recommended CBD intake will depend on their individual circumstances.  We cannot recommend dosages as we are not doctors, and you are not our patient.  As a general rule, our customers who suffer from mental conditions report satisfaction from using vapes and taking small amounts of CBD as needed.  Our customers who suffer from physical conditions report their best results come from taking tinctures high in CBD on a regular basis. We recommend discussing your use of CBD with your treating physician, especially if you are already taking prescription medications, have a serious medical condition, are pregnant, or are nursing a child.

6.  My address is incorrect?

Please verify your address  by email at INFO@LIFEEXTRACTUSA.COM so that we can ship your order out as soon as possible.

7.  My package arrived damaged, incomplete, or the product is defective.

Please contact us at INFO@LIFEEXTRACTUSA.COM and provide up with your order number and a description of which of your products were defective.  We will replace or refund any defective or damaged products.

8.  How do I take the tincture?

Squirt the tincture under your tongue where the CBD oil will be absorbed into your bloodstream through sublingual absorption by directly entering the large veins and arteries under your tongue through their mucosal membranes. Allow at least 10-15 seconds, preferably longer, for your body to absorb all the CBD oil before swallowing.  A swig of fruit juice should cure any unpleasant aftertaste.

9.  How many puffs are in a disposable pen or cartridge?

Typically between 100-150 puffs per disposable pen or vape cartridge depending on how big of a draw a person takes.  Each draw contains about one milligram of CBD.

10.  Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

Yes, sort of, or at least it appears that way.

Section 10114(a) of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 provides that nothing in the Agricultural Improvement Act, “prohibits the interstate commerce of hemp . . . or hemp products” and thereby makes it legal for us to sell and ship CBD products to customers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all United States territories.

With that said, three states, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, have banned cannabis products and have, at times, failed to honor the federal law related to CBD production and the selling of hemp products.  Packages sent to addresses in those three states risk being confiscated by state authorities.  If you order from us from one of those states, you will probably receive your package, but if you do not, then it is you who must bare the risk.  Lobby your sate legislators!

CBD products sold to customers in Utah need first be registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture.  We are in the process of seeking this registration.  Whether this registration can be legally required by the State of Utah is uncertain and has not yet been tested in the federal courts.

It is our opinion that regulations pertaining to hemp products are a federal issue, and federal law controls to preempt state law so long as the 2014 Farm Bill remains in effect, which will be for one year after the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture issues guidelines interpreting the Agriculture Improvements Act of 2018.  The Secretary's guidelines are expected out soon, but at the time this answer is being written, the 2014 Farm Bill will remain in effect until at least October, 2020.

Under the present law, it is our opinion that we can sell and ship our CBD products to customers in all states and territories regardless of individual state laws.  The United States Post Office has taken the position that so long as a company has its legal paperwork on file with its local post office (and we do), then the USPS will deliver its CBD products to customers in all states and territories.

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which presently has concurrent jurisdiction with the 2014 Farm Bill, has a separate no-preemption clause that states,


        "(A)    NO PREEMPTION. -- Nothing in this subsection preempts or limits any law of a State or Indian tribe that –

            "(i)    regulates the production of hemp; and

            "(ii)    is more stringent than this subtitle.

        "(B)    REFERENCE IN PLANS. -- A State or Tribal plan referred to in paragraph (1) may include a reference to a law of the State or Indian tribe regulating the production of hemp to the extent that law is consistent with this subtitle."

See Section 297B(a)(3) of the amended Agriculture Marketing Act of 1946. 

This no-preemption clause only applies to the production of hemp, not to the selling of hemp products intrastate or interstate if produced in another state.  We consider this further evidence that our hemp products can be shipped and sold to customers in all states and territories, but customers in Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah must assume the risk of non-delivery which they should consider the cost of living in one of those ultra-conservative states.